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The Internet Industry Association (IIA) is Australia's national Internet industry organisation.

While parental involvement in safe use of technology should start from a child's first use, parents continue to be a critical influence in ensuring that teenagers practice responsible digital citizenship and engage in online activities safely.The Guide for Internet Users can be view by clicking here.If you feel the codes of practice have somehow been breeched, you should forward your complaint to the IIA using the below contact information: Postal Address for all correspondence: PO Box 3986, Manuka ACT 2603 Australia Phone: (02) 6232 6900 Fax: (02) 6232 6513 Email: info@au The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is an independent federal statutory authority responsible for the regulation of free-to-air radio, television, pay TV, digital broadcasting and Internet content in Australia. Young people are increasingly exposed to an open and collaborative online culture, which allows them to access information, maintain friendships and relationships with family, and engage in creative content production (Collin, Rahilly, Richardson, & Third, 2011).Young people, however, are at a dynamic stage of development in which risk-taking behaviours and emerging decision-making capacities can lead to negative outcomes (Viner, 2005).

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We encourage you to read the following information and if you have any further questions please contact the relevant bodies listed, or TPG on 13 14 23.